Who We Are


Church Housing Corp (CHC) has a long history of providing housing and supportive services to people with special needs, families, individuals, and seniors with modest means.  Father Evans, in 1978, attended the Episcopal Dioceses Convention.  The vision was born to develop affordable senior housing.  The first building to open was St. Peter's Place in 1985.  In 1998, Jefferson Place, housing for people experiencing homelessness was created.  In 2000, Old Swedes Housing was formed to provide housing for people with mental health issues.  Episcopal House, in 2002, opened its doors to seniors with modest means.  Soon after the opening of Episcopal House, Naamans House opened to support people living with HIV/AIDS.  Currently Naamans House provides housing for individuals with modest means.  In 2007, our third senior living facility, Episcopal Place at Park Row, opened.

Our company continues to flourish under the direction of Kathryn Evans, MSW, who joined CHC in 1998.  The company has grown over the years and continues to explore unique opportunities to provide safe, affordable housing with financial peace of mind.

Our Philosophy

Church Housing Corp (CHC) provides housing with financial peace of mind, however, quality of life is an essential component of our mission.  We believe all people should have the opportunity to live with dignity and distinction while gracefully maturing in their communities.  Programs are developed to meet the interests and needs of our residents.  We also have social services which can coordinate daily support for each resident.  These supports enable our residents to live independently longer.

Meet The Team


Kathryn Evans

Executive Director


John Siegfried

Facilities Manager


Justine Nieves

Senior Site Manager


Tracy Patches

Director of Development

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