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Do you have questions?  Here are the frequently asked questions that we receive about senior housing.

  • If my loved one moves into one of the CHC buildings, and I can't take them to a doctor appointment, will CHC help?"
    Yes, CHC has vehicles to take residents to local grocery stores, doctor appointments, and pharmacies. If your loved one needs special transportation, CHC will work with the resident (and family members) to find a solution.
  • What if my loved one needs help with paperwork such as health insurance, Social Security, Medicare, etc.?"
    CHC has dedicated staff to help residents navigate the complex world of health insurance. CHC will sit down with the resident (and family members, if needed) to review and discuss options then CHC will help by advocating for the resident.
  • I am worried about my loved one but can't check on them daily. What services are available to check on my loved one?
    CHC will work with you to create a safety plan as well as provide safety check ins with your loved one.
  • What happens if my loved one moves in and after a period of time, needs increased care?"
    CHC will work with the resident (and family member if needed) to adapt the unit so the resident can age in place. CHC does not provide a higher level of care but will do whatever can be done to keep the resident in their unit. CHC will coordinate aides, visiting nurses, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and any other provider of supportive services.
  • What if I have additional concerns for my loved one?
    CHC will facilitate family meetings to assist in supportive planning.
  • What if my loved one needs assistance with small daily tasks and I can't be there, will CHC assist?"
    One of the biggest requests we get from residents is fix the TV remote control and CHC knows remotes! CHC staff will help the resident with all those daily tasks such as remote controls, hanging pictures, moving furniture, etc..
  • What if something breaks in the unit?
    CHC has dedicated staff to help with daily upkeep. There is a maintenance request form that must be filled out and then CHC staff will work with the resident to fix whatever is broken.
  • What if it snows, do I need to move my loved ones' car?"
    CHC has a protocol for snow removal. When it snows the residents will be notified on what to do.
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